Canal Istanbul

digital photo cycle - 2021

Canal Istanbul is a very controversial project on the creation of an artificial shipping channel connecting the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara in Turkey. The project aimed to create an alternative route to the Bosporus Strait, reducing maritime traffic through Istanbul and addressing concerns about the environmental and safety risks associated with the increasing ship traffic in the narrow strait. The proposed canal was expected to be a significant infrastructure project, involving the construction of a new waterway, residential areas, and associated facilities. Critics raised concerns about its potential environmental impact, disruption to local ecosystems, and the displacement of communities. There were also debates about the economic viability and necessity of the project. The project seems abandoned for now, but for how many long...

These photos were shot in November 2021 during a visit of the area from south-nord by walking. The contrast between the wonderful and quiet landscapes and the phantomatic new buildings was striking and very evocative of the future tragedy for this area, if the project gets to be finalized

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